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Do you need to enter the refrigerator or not after you take it home, still left over

You don't need to miss Ms. Yenny ... as long as you buy the one that hasn't been steamed ... it can be aired for up to 3 days ... if you want to eat it, it's just steamed yourself ... make sure the plastic doesn't open ... if you put it on it can hold 4 days

Sorry if you ask for the opening week or not?


Sorry, please ask about the food that is available, Halal and non-halalah food? All this time, just passing by was curious and hesitant to stop by. Thanks

There is something filled with pork ... There is something filled with chocolate, chicken, bananas etc ... so, please decide ... 😊

Address bakpao luber in semarang where? No telp luber semarang how?

Google is all there

Can order between


Hello, would you like to ask, what is the overflowing bunny, you can send it to a hotel? via gojek?

You can, sorry, just reply, can you ask for the number of cellphones that can be contacted by wa, you can also use thx

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